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Books By C.K. Sorens

The Trimarked Series

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Book 3 of 6

Trimarked Series Book 1

Trimarked Series Book 2



Born of a human mother, Witch father and birthed on Fae soil, Ember’s existence is forbidden. All that keeps her safe is the Binding Ink tattoo the Fae gave her at birth to block any potential powers. The Trimark. Yet Ember’s power may be beyond containment. She has sway over the barrier, can even open a door for a brief time. Her systems of safety dissolve in a moment of self defense, when throwing out a human boy has consequences beyond the Fae.

Ember balances on a fine line between accident and purpose; using her power intentionally will certainly bring the wrath of Fae, Witch, and humans alike. But when a Witch Queen arrives in Trifecta with the goal to enslave the minds and bodies of magic users, Ember must take a different path: use without control. As the Queen gathers new followers, Ember may not have a choice whether she’ll expose her newfound strength if it means saving the few people she dares to call friends.

Other Books By C.K. Sorens

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Short Story Collection

Vision of MisfoRtune

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The Djinn of Las Vegas


Isra is cursed to be the very creature she was born to hunt: a genie cursed djinn. Her plan is to draw her people in so they can end her suffering. But when she falls for her newest master, she gains a new appreciation of life, and a desire to fight for freedom over death.

Part short story collection, part memoir, Visions of Misfortune in a collection of fantasy short stories. This collection has been chosen to highlight the writing journey of C.K. Sorens as she transitioned from "Sappy Endings" to dark fantasy. Enjoy this collection as a fantasy sampler with pieces that include low fantasy, paranormal fantasy, a fairytale retelling, and urban fantasy.


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