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Trimarked Series

Ember Lee has spent her whole life being an outcast, her unknown powers feared. As her magic grows stronger, Ember must figure out who to trust, and if her world is worth saving.

Djinn of Las Vegas

Isra is cursed to be the very creature she was born to hunt: a genie cursed djinn. Her plan is to draw her people in so they can end her suffering. But when she falls for her newest master, she gains a new appreciation of life, and a desire to fight for freedom over death.

Vision of Misfortune

Part short story collection, part memoir, Visions of Misfortune in a collection of fantasy short stories. This collection has been chosen to highlight the writing journey of C.K. Sorens as she transitioned from "Sappy Endings" to dark fantasy. Enjoy this collection as a fantasy sampler with pieces that include low fantasy, paranormal fantasy, a fairytale retelling, and urban fantasy.

Coming April 18, 2023

Vision of Misfortune Tablet.png
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