Welcome To Trifecta

Trifecta is a small mountain town in a Redwood forest, and twenty-three years ago, the world changed.
The Fae and Witches faded into our realm through the Veil, scrambled and lost, no one sure of the cause or how to control the forced migration. When the mages faded out after a day of panic, relief was short-lived.
For three years, the Fade forced mages into Terra only to return them to their own realms. No one could discover when the next one would come, or for how long the visitors would stay. Then temporary and disruptive became permanent. The mages faded in. The Veil bubbled around Trifecta, and hardened, locking everyone in and out.
Outsiders forgot about the town. The road up the mountain closed. No one could leave by magic or foot.
Desperation drove peacekeeping among the new and old residence of Trifecta, which resulted in the Laws of Convergence. But not all agreed to the truce. Magics with too high a cost were engaged.
Technology ensnared.   }|{   Control enforced.   }|{   Chaos courted.
And the Trimarked Child was born.

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Main Character
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A reward for making it through all the graphics! Trimarked used to be Tri-Marked. While I tried to scrub most evidence of this, you can still find the old spelling on my Instagram Highlights and on Facebook if you dig deep for the original posts.
Also, as I've found errors on the graphics, I've corrected them here, but left them be on Instagram, due to the nature of saved stories. If it's your kind of thing, happy hunting for the differences!