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Trimarked, Available 12-6-2020!!

Happy Halloween! Thanks so much for dropping by around your candy gathering/eating for an exciting announcement.

It is happening!! My emotional rollercoaster right now could sell out an amusement park.

I took a deep breath (I am still taking deep breaths) and the big leap (and I'm still falling), and in the end, Trimarked will be available in December. I encourage you to join my newsletter, ASAP, because other than some sneak peeks that I'll talk about later, I'll start posting chapters of Trimarked before it's live.

I have promotional graphics! You'll start seeing them here and in other places. I'll have the cover reveal, swag reveal, coming soon ... I even have a book trailer that will be posted to YouTube.

I have swag!! If you want to see it, sign up for my newsletter. That goes for an early peek at the cover, too. Today is the 31st of October. The newsletter will be out November 2nd where you'll get to see some swag and find out how to earn some even before my Street Team gets their hands on it!

I really hope to be able to work with you. If not, that's absolutely fine. Just do me one little favor and mark your calendars for December 6th, and be sure to check out all the fun promotions I'll have in the next month.

So here we go, self promotion. Don't worry, I have lots of plans to keep it fun!!


Would you like a street team tutorial? Basically, it's a way to help me out, get a free book (ARC stand for Advanced Reader Copy), and some free stuff as a huge thank you. For a full rundown, you can go straight to my page: ARC Street Team. For a nifty, graphic filled adventure to whet your palatte, follow along here.


Members of a street team are really an important part of the process. You are readers!! And, hopefully, you're here because you like my writing. So, why not grab a free book? As of right now, they'll be a free .pdf, and a print copy after publication. That being said ... After uploading my files, I think I can finangle print copies earlier than I thought, so keep that in mind as you think about this team.

If you're not certain, fun note. You get a free short story when you sign up for my newsletter.


This is a mix and match system, so you can choose one, two or three teams to participate with. But, say you don't want to read before release day. Consider joining the Social Team.

I have had the pleasure of working with a fantastic graphic artist who has made so many banners and teasers and posts. You can, of course, hit the share button - assuming they don't get lost in your feed. Or you can get them straight to your inbox and check them out for yourself, first.

There are other ways to participate within this category, too. Check out the graphic, the ARC page on my website, or send me an email, subject line Street Team with any questions.


Add to those above, or chose the least time consuming team. Host a giveaway! Best part, I pay for the shipping to your winner, not you. Host in your preferred method, send me the winner's address. Because this is to generate knowledge and hype about my book, giveaways should be held on some form of social media platform.


Last but not least, Responsibilities Come With Great Rewards! At least, here. Read and Review Team members will receive a paperback copy of my book when they're available, and .pdf copies to get started reading ASAP. Team members who choose a different path will receive an ebook version of my book after publication. On top of all that, a swag pack will come your way, should you care to share your address with me. This is for swag packs, only. I won't abuse your share and will even delete the information after, if you prefer.


So there you have it! Lots of ways to play. For more information, please check out the ARC Street Team page, and for a sneak peek at swag, sign up for my newsletter (team members find out later).

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