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Throwback Writing: Searching

Today's throwback writing comes from exactly eight years ago on 6/18/2012. We had a gorgeous photo and five words to use within 500 words of flash fiction. Our words were jet, grandmother, chuckled, missed, and hour.

I keep a lot of my old writing, at least the electronic stuff. I do keep some handwritten notes, though I don't have the space I used to for piles and boxes of paper, anymore. I love to open all the tabs with my old stuff and skim through or read through and really take away the lessons of all that work.

I used to be better at practice. With my Chasing Revery blog a few years ago, it was with flash fiction. In High School, I developed my own writing program, as it was, with different challenges based on writing an emotion without telling it, writing a whole story in one week (it was around 30,000 words, written over Spring Break because I was just that cool).

Now, I feel like if I'm writing, I should be writing toward that goal of finishing something. Looking back over my old stuff, though, reminds me there is absolutely a place for practice.



Sienna rested on the thick grass, staring up at the blue sky. The only mark within sight was a thin jet-stream and even that was fading on the wind. She wished she could be on the plane that left that mark. Sienna didn't care where it was headed. Anywhere would be better than here.

"You missed a very interesting tour," her grandmother announced, walking her way from the concrete path. Sienna turned her head to watch the old lady approach.

"That building gives me a headache just looking at it."

"It isn't orange and pink on the inside," her grandmother grunted as she lowered her body to the ground. "You could have been gaudy free for a whole hour."

"Oh. So nothing inside was gaudy?" Grandma Wen chuckled, wiggling a bit until she came to a comfortable position.

"What's so interesting out here?"

Sienna thought about her grandmother's question, her quick answer being a shrug.

"It's peaceful," she answered. Grandma Wen's forehead wrinkled in surprise.

"You hear the same kiddo shrieks that I do, don't you?" she asked, gesturing to a group of kids picnicking across the lawn.

"Background noise," Sienna dismissed. "Besides, it's not down here that's peaceful."

"Ah." Grandma Wen's reply was soft and sad. Sienna had been staring at the sky a lot, lately, ever since her mother had died of breast cancer.

"She's happy today," Sienna whispered, blinking quick and fast. Her tears still fell down, resting in the curves of her ears.

The two sat together, the world muted to their ears as they watched the empty sky.

"Let's go," Grandma Wen finally announced. "I'll need your help up. I think I saw one of those ice cream carts somewhere in this park."

Sienna was up quickly, drying her ears on her shoulders before they went in search for a little something sweet in their lives.

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