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Throwback Writing: Forever Dream

For today's #throwbackwriting I'm being brave. I'm sharing old poetry.

The one isn't too bad, as in it's not terribly anxiety causing, so we're starting easy. I wrote this in June of 2008 when, after 7 years of being pen pals from across the world, my now husband and I decided it was time to make a go of it. We'd been in separate relationships at different times, yet we realized we often had deeper, more meaningful conversations with each other than with anyone else in our lives.

All of which inspired this poem I'm going to share with you. I started out writing poetry in Elementary. It was my style of choice for years. Poetry got me through middle school and high school. But it became where I poured my pain and therefore, poetry itself became painful.

This piece is one of the few exceptions and one of the last poems I've written. At this point, I'd been trying to get back into it, to reach into the inspiration and power that comes from writing something quickly, with emotion, and then refining it until it spoke clearly. I never did get the spark back, but I have kept a lot of my pieces to remember and enjoy with the benefit of time.


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