• CK Sorens

Throwback Writing: Climb

Today's old flash fiction is from 6/5/2013.

The photo is lost to time, unfortunately. Based on the passage, we can imagine it was a mountaineer, perhaps. The 5 words were summit, fleet, ceiling, table and Bible. This one is really short. Apparently I was on my way out for vacation but still managed to participate in our weekly prompt blog hop.



It's no picnic climbing to the summit of the ice mountain. Being fleet of foot could work against you, as stamina is more important than speed. Many people hit their ceiling of endurance long before they reach the top of the mountain. No bed to sleep in, no table to eat at, just you, the snow, and whatever gear you can carry on your back in the thin, cold air. Best to memorize your favorite Bible verses than carry the weight of the book as you travel to heights only gods should go.

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