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Throwback Writing:

This flash fiction comes from 7/23/2012. I'd started calling these flash pieces Snapshots in my blog by this point. The five words required were noise, nurse, cockroach, pride, and brooch. I used to go rummage sale shopping with my Grams and, to be honest, the conversation below might have happened backwards, with me suggesting the idea and Grams talking me down. :D



"Oh, this is perfect!"

Lily hissed in pain, glaring at Nana as she nursed skin pricked by the brooch she'd been admiring.

"Lily, come here. I've found the perfect thing for your room." Lily put pressure on the wound in her finger, crossing the cluttered aisle.

"What is it?"

"This!" Lily gaped at the huge thing her grandmother was presenting to her, arms open as wide as her smile.

"Nana, no." The smile collapsed.

"Why not?"

"It's a calliope. A noise-maker - a loud one. And there's no way it will fit in my room."

"Oh, of course it won't, not as it is. But look at how pretty it is, Lily. It even has flowers on it. We'll just take this front piece. You can hang it on your wall. And see all these holes? Perfect for photos of your friends."

Friends I won't have any more if you put this in my room, Lily thought. Honestly, her pride was at stake.

Nana was running her hands over the carved wood, peaking behind it and muttering to herself about how to take the front panel off. As she shifted it, a disturbed cockroach scuttled across the floor. It had probably just laid eggs in the thing.

"You know Mom would throw a fit," Lily tried, jumping out of the way of the insect.

"You think?"

"Oh, yeah. She won't want you to spend so much money on me, especially on something like that. I'm going to college soon. It's not exactly something I can take to a dorm."

"No," Nana frowned, running her fingers down the row of bright flowers. "No, I guess not. It's a shame, though. It really is perfect, don't you think?"

Lily shuddered. "Come see the table of brooches."

"Ooh, anything good?" Nana asked, linking her arm with Lily's to go look at the jewelry.

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