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Seeker: A Sea Odyssey Book Review

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

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Written by Rita Pomade, Seeker: A Sea Odyssey spans a decade where a dream is formed, worked for and accomplished. Rita and her husband Bernard want to sail, to see the world, and to find a perfect place to live. Yet as the saying goes, even the best plans go awry.

The plans begins in Mexico and takes shape in Canada. They build their ship, Santa Rita, in Taiwan and sail, at times with Rita's sons, unhelpful crew members, or vacationing family and friends who have flown in to meet them. For long stretches, they wander just the two of them on their way from Asia to Europe. With no timeline other than to avoid poor seasonal weather, they find days of sailing punctuated by occasional extended stays in one port while earning money to travel and repair their yacht. Her travels give her readers a glimpse into a place and a time when the world was transitioning from analog to technology, from timid peace to civil war.

Pirates, crooked harbor masters, a unique yachtie culture and amazing people and experiences accompany them along the way. Far from 'smooth sailing,' the experience deeply changes Rita and Bernard. In many aspects, even though they are on the same ship, they are on different journeys and it affects their relationship in unexpected ways. The lens of time allows Rita to share her emotions of the moment and provide a deeper understanding of events, gifted by viewing memories from a distance.

Rita's travels give her the knowledge that, even though each city and island is unique, people are the same. We laugh, cry, we form and drift from relationships, and we always carry our experiences.

Written with vivid detail supported through journals, letters to friends, and photographs, Rita Pomade takes her readers on an amazing journey. As she tells of collected keepsakes, she shares where she honors them within her home and life. She cushions her retelling with history from before her arrival to the changes experienced after they passed through, providing a rich story.

Rita and her family prove brave and resourceful in this fascinating memoir. The writing is as smooth as a calm sea and carries you through each page with expectation and a gratitude for Rita who has taken the time to write and share her amazing adventure and the lessons gained.

I rate this book 5/5

*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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Rita Pomade— teacher, poet, memoirist—lived six years aboard a small yacht that took her from Taiwan to the Suez to Mallorca, dropping anchor in 22 countries. She and her husband navigated through raging monsoons, encountered real-life pirates, and experienced cultures that profoundly changed them. Seeker: A Sea Odyssey, published by Guernica Editions under the Miroland label tells her story.

Rita Pomade, a native New Yorker, first settled in Mexico before immigrating to Quebec. During her time in Mexico, she taught English, wrote articles and book reviews for Mexconnect, an ezine devoted to Mexican culture, and had a Dear Rita monthly column on handwriting analysis in the Chapala Review. In Montreal she taught English as a Second Language at Concordia University and McGill University until her retirement. She is a two-time Moondance International Film Festival award winner, once for a film script and again for a short story deemed film worthy. Her work is represented in the Monologues Bank, a storehouse of monologues for actors in need of material for auditions, in several anthologies, and in literary reviews. Her travel biography, Seeker: A Sea Odyssey, was shortlisted for the 2019 Concordia University First Book Award.


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