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New Features, New Schedule!

Last weekend, I updated the website and I'm excited about the changes! I announced them on Facebook and in my Instagram stories, and now I'm ready to share them here.

First Fun Announcement:

Next week on Monday, October 19th, my first biweekly newsletter will go out. That's two emails a month for those like me who had to look it up. Everyone who signs up will get a FREE short story - an unofficial prologue to Trimarked. This will come in the first newsletter, then be available for first time sign up after that as a separate email, so no one who joins my newsletter will miss out. The story will give you a leg up and a few fun spoilers as things get going. You'll also learn how the publishing process is going because I am close, my friends!

To sum up (and this is on my Contacts page, too):

  • To hear from me twice a month: Sign up for my newsletter for Tri-Marked updates.

  • To hear from me once a week: Visit my blog for book reviews and writing updates. This will post on Saturday, though I have a few pre-scheduled engagements coming up that will post on different days.

  • To hear from me daily: Instagram and Facebook for what I'm reading, what I'm learning, Tuesday Teasers, Thursday Throwback Writing and Friday Family moments.

  • A note on those platforms, I sometimes share different information between them, though rarely.

Second Sensational Announcement:

In the menu, you'll find a page called Author Spotlight. This is where I'll start posting my book reviews and promos. Each month's titles will be full page, then they'll shrink to thumbnail links as new authors move in. I'm engaged in two promos this month, one with middle grade mystery writer Margi Preus with her Enchantment Lake series and another with Whitney McGruder and her Destiny Seeker series.

The best part is, if you're an author, you can request to be featured and get some Instagram time from my account. Head over to the Author Spotlight page and check out the submission instructions.

Next week, Friday, October 17th, I'll host Margi Preus as she talks about raising big questions for readers to ponder.

Questions of the day: How do you like the changes to my blog? Will you sign up for my newsletter? I hope so! I'm so excited about the next couple months and I'm looking forward to sharing it all with you.

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