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Faeries of Oz Book Reviews

I've become particularly interested in collecting Fae books lately, in part because there is a Fae race in Trimarked and I love seeing other author's take on them. I'm also looking forward to having a nice Fae book stack at some point in the future for an Instagram worthy post.

I found the Faeries of Oz books via Instagram. These books are available on Amazon, and all are in the Kindle Unlimited library.

The first book is called, Tin, and it's about Dorothy and the Tinman, though not quite as you'll remember them. Tin's heart of stone has returned and he's become a very successful assassin because of it. When he's hired to find Dorothy so Lion's lover can wear her head, it doesn't bother him at all that he used to know the human as a girl. Dorothy arrives as a grown woman, though, as headstrong and insistent on saving Oz as ever, as much of the land has fallen into evil hands.

I rated Tin 4 stars. This fantasy romance take on Dorothy all grown up was a pleasure to read. The rebuilding of Oz as the land of faery was clever. Though some of the scenes we're clunky toward the end, I enjoyed immersing myself with the characters they found themselves and defeated the evil Fae. Luckily, book 2 came out soon after, and I have had the pleasure of reading that, as well.

Crow takes off where Tin ends. Reva had been cursed as the Wicked Witch of the West by Locasta, the "Good" Witch of the North for loving Crow. Dorothy as a child had broken the Wicked curse, but send Reva into a dark world where she struggled to survive for ten years. Back in Oz, Reva plans to go after Locasta and make her pay. Though she used to love Crow, she hates him now, but knows he deserves revenge as much as she. Crow has much healing to do as well, and hopes to earn Reva's forgiveness along the way.

I rated Crow 4 stars as well, though Tin is my favorite of the two. As Crow and Reva move through Oz with the intent to heal Crow and gain an advantage over Locasta, the events work to bring the two characters back together while they work through the consequences of their different curses. Reva's shift from hating Crow to loving him again is written well. Through their travels, they see more of Oz and how it's broken. They aren't able to fix all of the problems, and have to walk away from some, clearly making room for the future of the series, and I can't wait until I can get my hands on the last book.

In this series, there is also a prequel story about Lion, who is featured in Tin. This one is on my TBR list, along with Ozma's story, once it's available.

You can follow the authors on Instagram or find them on GoodReads to learn more about their books and this series as it progresses.

Candace Robinson - GoodReads - Instagram

Amber R. Duell - GoodReads - Instagram


I have a few more Fae books stacked into my TBR list that I'm looking forward to going through. Do you have any good Fae reads to share? Please let me know in the comments!

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