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Book Reviews: Trimarked

So far, this blog has been an experiment of content leading up to what it is now, a book review blog. So far, I've reviewed both indie and traditionally published books, but I don't write about my own much more than a small note at the end for the dedicated few who make it that far.

Well, today is different. Afflicted is book two in the Trimarked Series, and will launch on March 1st, 2022. I am so excited for this novel to be out in the world. However, I would be remiss if I didn't share the first book in my series, well, first.

Of course, I'm not going to review my own book. Instead, I'll share a few publicly posted reviews in that section. So please allow me to introduce you to the world of the Trimarked Child.


About Trimarked

They tried to block her from magic, but her powers will not be denied.

In a town trapped within the Veil, humans, Fae, and Witches are forced to coexist. Through a fragile peace, they all agree on one thing. The Trimarked Child is dangerous.

Ember Lee is a pariah. Though she’s forced to scrounge and trade just to survive, she refuses to let the people of Trifecta bully her into submission. Her forbidden powers have defied the bonds placed on her, but as long as she can keep them a secret, she’s safe.

When someone carves their way through the barrier surrounding the city, events unfold that threaten her existence. She learns not everyone is afraid of her potential. In fact, there are those who want to use her power for themselves.

With no one to turn to, Ember must do what she has always done: Fight to survive. Because those who seek to control her are becoming desperate - with deadly and devastating consequences.

Trimarked is the first book in the Trimarked Series and walks the dark edge between young adult fantasy and urban fantasy. With a rich cast of characters and deep world building, this is the book for you if you’re a fan of fast moving plots steeped in a world of magic. If you like gritty heroines with unknown destinies who refuse to quit, get trapped in Trifecta with Ember today!

For readers who prefer to be in the know, a weblink to trigger warnings for the series can be found via the book preview on the copyright page.

You can find where to buy Trimarked by clicking here.


Reader Reviews

As of drafting this post, Trimarked had 18 ratings and 11 reviews on Amazon. All reviews were either 4 or 5 star, for an average rating of 4.8/5. I'm choosing some of the shorter ones for the post, and all can be found on Amazon's website.

Review from 09/27/21

So well written, I enjoyed this a lot. The characters are rich and developed. The setting is deep and detailed and I love how the three aspects intermingled. I will be awaiting the next part!

Review from 11/12/21

I got this book as a gift and I'm so happy!

This is only the first one of the series and already caught my attention. I have a clear picture of Ember in my mind, and it's heartbreaking. So many times I felt like punching the entire population of Trifecta in the face because of how horribly they treated her.

Fae, witches, and humans are forced to share a town and coexist as peacefully as possible. It reminds me of the time my parents left me and my siblings alone in the house: struggling to work together and not kill each other in order to prevent the collapse of civilization. And praying nothing exploded.

Only that in Trimarked, something explodes.

The world-building can be a little daunting at first, but I found solace in the description of magic and especially the witches' territory. Absolutely beautiful.

Looking forward to the next book!

Review from 1/24/22

This book is definitely an enjoyable read! I love the characters so far (even Brandt) and pacing is definitely good within the 200 pages! Would recommend!

Review from 12/8/21

Sorens knows how to create a powerful cast. Rather than just following Ember, we get to follow the major players who represent the Witches, Fae, humans, and hybrids. The story is set up that you could empathize or root for a certain group or character and watch the chess game unfold. It definitely feels like everything can change with each truce—made and broken.

The worldbuilding is also a strength. Sorens really thinks of everything when it comes to what it’s like being in Trifecta after the Veil arrives and forces everyone to play nice. It felt like I was walking the streets myself while following Ember into various territories.

I would say that Soren’s author voice is very lyrical and rich. It means that you can’t tear through this book like any other YA novel. I’d recommend taking things slow or you might miss things.

The world of Trifecta is rough; it buffs and polished the denizens until they shine. It might be a little to rough for some readers who aren’t ready for it. For example, Ember’s relationship with her mother was hard to witness; Sorens depicts PTSD in a heartbreaking and beautiful way. Sorens has an excellent reader’s advisory on her website if you’re interested in learning more. I’ll just say that the town holds a lot of trauma, hardship, and struggles. It’s ideal if you’re a fan of dystopian aesthetics.


About the Author

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A note from C.K. Sorens

Thank you for making it to the end! There's still time to grab the first novel, Trimarked, before Afflicted is released on March 1st, 2022. Check out this link for a short list of retailers or ask for it to be ordered at your favorite bookstore.

As for Afflicted, book two, it's now avalable for pre-order! To find out where, here's the link!

And at the risk of sounding redundant, you can keep up to date on more of my own books by signing up for the newsletter, or find me on Instagram or Facebook.

Happy reading!

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