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Book Reviews: Afflicted

Afflicted is live! Thank you to everyone who took part in any and all of the launch events! It was a very exciting time for me and I'm so happy there were so many people willing to join in!

Though it's been out for less than a week, the feedback for Afflicted is rolling in, mostly thanks to my fantastic ARC readers and even a few contest winners! So first, let me tell you a little about the second book in my series, and then I'll share what others are saying.


About Afflicted

Hope was dangerous for the Trimarked girl.

It’s been five weeks since Nicu saved Ember from being overcome by the power of the Veil. Since then, she has lived under the threat of discovery from those who fear her growing power.

Ember already balances on a fine line between accident and purpose; using her power intentionally will certainly bring the wrath of human, Witch and Fae alike. Though she doesn’t belong anywhere, she’s not willing to become a prisoner to any of the factions.

When a Witch Queen arrives in Trifecta with the goal to enslave the minds and bodies of magic users, Ember must take a different path: use without control. As the Queen gathers new followers, Ember may not have a choice whether she’ll expose her newfound strength if it means saving the few people she dares to call friends.

Ember has to rely on the one truth she has ever known: Fighting is her best feature.

Afflicted is the second book in the Trimarked Series and follows Trimarked along the dark edge between young adult fantasy and urban fantasy.

For readers who prefer to be in the know, a weblink to trigger warnings for the series can be found via the book preview on the copyright page. It's also found on CK Sorens' website.

You can find where to buy Afflicted by clicking here. Both novels can be found on Kindle Unlimited.


Reader Reviews (Collected from Goodreads)

Review from 03/03/22

I am loving this series, and love how woven this fantastical story is with our everyday human world in a time not much different from our own. For those who believe in other beings with Magical abilities, and the elemental Fae world, it does make you wonder how would we cope if we did have to suddenly learn to live side by side with a more Magically evolved people, for real.

Review from 03/02/22

If you thought Ember's abilities were intriguing in Trimarked, just you wait until you learn more in Afflicted. As you can tell from the synopsis, Ember and the rest of the characters learn more about her abilities and her role in Trifecta. My favorite part was that Ember becomes more confident in her voice and her position among these factions—instead of avoiding everyone so she doesn't invoke their wrath or resentment, she starts to stand up for herself and her needs.

The Queen/Charlah is also a fascinating antagonist. Her voice, actions, and personality is so different from the rest of the cast. Whether or not you agree with her agenda, you can't help but find her compelling and fun.

If you're a fan of Nicu, Aaron, Chase, or Devi, these characters come back and change things up. Sorens has a handle on everyone's character arc and takes you on a journey that isn't always easy to predict.

As I mentioned in my other review, the world of Trifecta is rough; while the book is appropriate for YA readers, it might be a little too much for some. Sorens has an excellent reader’s advisory on her website if you’re interested in learning more. I’ll just say that the town holds a lot of trauma, hardship, and struggles. It’s ideal if you’re a fan of dystopian aesthetics.

Review from 03/01/22

This book is the definition of fast-paced. So much happened in... was it two days? A day and a half?

I was so caught up in the excitement and urgency I ended up having two coffees this morning while reading, and arrhythmia as a consequence. I can not blame it entirely on the coffee!

It's not an easy read. The author created not one, but two complex magic systems that must coexist in a magicless world. Very much like humans, Fae, and Witches, their powers and natures are forced together and clash. I'm looking forward to the moment they all learn to work together and realize Ember's potential, but mostly, her courage. She withstood the scorn of three races for no reason other than being different, and I suspect she will become their savior (or their downfall, whatever it is, I called it!)

Review from 1/18/22

I was instantly transported back into Ember’s world, her situation tugging immediately at my heartstrings once again. The way Ember is ostracised - I’m sure many will empathise with her sense of not fitting in, not belonging.

I love that we started to see a bit of history via Tristan, a man I love to hate!

The queen … bloody amazing! I don’t want to give anything away but she is my favourite new character. Watch out for her!

The book has magic and intrigue, action and adventure, but I also love the themes that echo of the society we live in - being used, people wanting their pound of flesh from you when it suits them. I felt for Ember, never sure who she could trust, if anyone, whilst trying to discover herself and explore her power.

The three races and the halfers all mingled together like a melting pot in Trifecta- the story is just woven brilliantly, with beautiful phrasing and flow.

Even the acknowledgements section is very touching and heartfelt, it struck a chord!


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