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Book Review: The Vow that Twisted Fate

One of the Street Teams I'm currently taking part with is that of Katherine D. Graham for her debut fantasy novel, The Vow that Twisted Fate. I read this novel in two days, and only didn't finish it in one because my kiddos pulled me away for the evening. It was that good. And best part, since I'm a member of her Street Team, I have a special web address for you to participate in a pre-order giveaway, hosted by the author!


About the book:

A world without evil is all Queen Arlena has ever known. But when an ominous pentagram appears in the sky, her innocent days of blissful court life, playing politics with other races, and daydreaming of marrying the stoic elven prince Talen come to an abrupt end.

​When an eerily familiar phantasm warns her of the imminent collision of a parallel world ruled by an ancient sorceress, Arlena must confront the true nature of not only her own world, but her very existence.

Calling a company of legendary dwarven warriors forward into her time, Arlena and her allies must brave a world they are completely unprepared for in order to save their own. Will the naïve Queen and her companions be able to stop the invasion without being forever changed in the process?


My Review:

5 stars, with a caveat, and not a big one, I promise.

I absolutely loved the premise of this story and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a female-lead fantasy on the lighter side.

Our main character, Arlena was found as a child, an abandoned 5 year old girl, who was adopted into the royal family and raised as their first born, though the Queen and her Throne-Keep had a natural born daughter. As she grew, it became clear that she looked amazingly like a 500 years past queen, Valera. It is the mystery surrounding this moment that unfolds as Arlena is confronted with the same Dark Queen Valera had fought those 500 years ago. All three are tied together in the most damning way, and it is up to pure-hearted Arlena to decide what happens to them all.

I did not put this book down for any length of time, willingly. I needed to have the answers! The trouble, hence the caveat, came in part because of the first person, present tense view point. It worked well for this story, true, yet it narrowed the scope so I, as the reader, was left wanting to know more than Arlena knew about the side characters, particularly Talen and Elzie. Also, the moment the Queen presents Arlena to her husband, she whispers something to him that makes him agree to the adoption and I really want to know what that is! All of these are small things that don't detract from the over-all story, but actually leave me itching for more, even though, as far as I know, this is a standalone novel. Maybe we can hope for some companion pieces?


Have I hooked you yet? You can find this book at Barnes & Noble and Amazon for pre-order. It will be available July 9th, 2021. If you pre-order by April 15th, 2021, though, you can enter to win a Launch Box prize, along with an immediately available ebook version Katherine will email to you directly. The complete prize list is as follows:

-1 Book Plate (signed by the author) for your book's title page

-1 The Vow That Twisted Fate Postcard

-1 The Vow That Twisted Fate Bookmark

-2 The Vow That Twisted Fate Official Candles (scents to be announced at the end of April 2021)

-1 Signed The Vow That Twisted Fate Poster

-1 Set of The Vow That Twisted Fate Character Art Stickers

-4 Printed The Vow That Twisted Fate Recipe Cards

-1 "surprise" Bonus Item

And, if you tell Katherine you got the link from me, I also get entered to win a few of those candles, so please don't forget to drop my name in the entry form when you send her a copy of your receipt.

So, interested? Great! For full details, visit Katherine's website with this secret link, and don't forget to play around the rest of the site. You can learn more about her work, and even take a fun quiz to find out which of The Vow that Twisted Fate's characters you are the most like! This contest is open internationally, so please don't let your address stop you from the chance to win the Launch Box.


You can find Katherine at:

https://www.katherinedgraham. com/

Instagram @katherine_d_graham

Facebook @katdgraham

Twitter @KatDGraham

Katherine D. Graham is a self-published Fantasy author from Tennessee, USA. Katherine has been writing as a hobby since childhood. She self-published two YA Novels (Y.P.C. Agent 99.0 and Age of the Vampires: A New Age Rises) as a hobby while refining her craft, which are no longer on the market. Katherine’s debut self-published Fantasy novel, The Vow That Twisted Fate, is the first self-published novel launching her writing career as an adult Fantasy author.

Katherine holds a BA Foreign Language/Lit: Japanese from the University of Memphis in Tennessee. She worked for the Memphis Public Library and Information Center in her college years, and is still a vocal supporter of the Friends of the Memphis Public Library.

In addition to the library system, Katherine actively raises support for the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, The House of Mews cat sanctuary, the Memphis Zoo, and Swim Across America.

Katherine loves adventures, especially traveling. She also enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with her family and three cats.


Thanks for making it to the end! Let me know in the comments if you hope to enter Katherine's contest!

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