Book Review: The Princess Knight

Mid-December is here, everyone, and I have a book review for you! But first, I want to mention something important about Afflicted, book two in my Trimarked series.

Today (December 17th, 2021 in case you're reading this later) is the last day to sign up for an eARC for Afflicted. Once the new year starts, we're switching into promo gear for the March 1st release of this second book in the Trimarked series. If you sign up, you'll be able to receive a copy of the book for free. The catch isn't even all that binding. If you read it and love it, just please leave a review on Goodreads, Amazon, and/or any other platform you can find the Trimarked Series books.

From my book to C.H. Smith's, I'm really excited to tell you about The Princess Knight, just in time before his second book is about to be released in 10 days!! The Princess Knight is a stand-alone novella that takes you on an amazing adventure to find the cure for a curse ... yet it's really about something closer to home.


About The Princess Knight

I knew the sad man at the bar had a story he needed to tell. At the time, I didn’t realize that I needed to hear it just as much.

As he began, Daniel weaved a tale of a princess’s quest to counter a sorcerer’s vile curse. She traveled across the whole kingdom with her talking canine companion, making new friends and battling fearsome enemies the whole way. The stakes were high in the magical story he told, and it didn’t take long to realize, the stakes were higher in the real world his tale mirrored.

Hearing the story would change me forever…

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My Review

Two guys meet in a bar and start talking. Clearly needing to share the story, Daniel begins to weave a tale of a princess who is cursed for no known reason. All she can do is try to find a way to break it by going on a quest. As the story builds, we return to the bar at times, to the ears that have turned to listen, to the sudden emotional outbursts that tell us this is more than just a fantasy story. This has been inspired by something in poor Daniel's life, and he simply needs to tell the tale. To get it out. To share the complex trials of his brilliant princess.

This story has touched my heart so deeply that I can still get lost in the emotion of it weeks after having finished the last page. I had the ebook copy, but it wasn't enough, and instantly bought the paperback as well. I needed to hold this story in my hands, to have it sitting on my bookshelf so that not only I could read it, but my boys if they wished to, as well.

Daniel had to tell his story. I am so glad I'm one he was able to tell it to.


About the Author

(Bio collected from his Amazon author page.)

C. H. Smith is an American author currently residing in Texas. He has lived in several of the southeastern states soaking up the culture of each one. Family and friends are of the utmost importance to him, and he seeks to show their value in everything he writes.

Having a passion for reading and hearing stories has led to a lifetime of enjoyment and adventure inside the pages of classics, fantasy, and engaging short stories.

C.H. earned his BA in English from Belhaven College in Jackson, MS although he has not put it to use. After a career selling fishing lures ended, he decided to tell the stories that have long rattled around in his head.

Find C.H. Smith at:




A note from C.K. Sorens

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