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Book Review: The Meadow by Shana Dow

Happy weekend! I hope your kids are out of school, that your summer is developing nicely, and that you have plenty of good books to read. With that in mind, here's this week's book review.

Last week, I shared the first in the series, The Keeper, and this week we get to talk about The Meadow. The third book is in the works, so there's plenty of time to meet Marston and the crew.


About the Book

The Rogue Elites are still a threat. His dreams are back. A shocking revelation.

Marston and Olivia struggle to find the balance between ordinary life and the life of a Keeper. As Marston starts at a new school, will he be able to make friends even though he is keeping the most important part of himself secret?

Disturbing dreams about his family forces Marston to trust his fellow Keepers. Is he strong enough to accept their help, or will he break the rules and take matters into his own hands?

As Marston encounters more Rogue Elites throughout the multiverses, a shocking discovery reveals a deep secret that could alter Marston’s future forever. He may be more connected to the world of The Balance than he realized.


My Review

The Meadow continues with Marston as he discovers why the darkness has targeted him from the beginning. Dreams threaten the balance he struggled to find in the last book to help him in his job as keeper, and his friends and colleagues within the Keepers help him stay on track, even as a new school, new friends, and new challenges are thrown at him. Marston wavers, and almost fails, yet finds the inner strength to do what's right. Still, with evil powers that have been planning these events for decades, even with a few boosts, he struggles to keep his head above water.

I really enjoyed The Meadow, reading through it in two days. Shana's pacing kept each page turning and the action was well balanced, so I always wanted to move on to the next chapter without feeling frazzled.

What's so fun about this installment is how Marston learns how connected he is to not only the Keepers, but to the Rogues. His dreams try to lead him, but he doesn't quite figure out until the end why the leader of the Rogues is so keen on recruiting him, and the surprise sets the reader up to be absolutely ready to find out what happens next.

Though this is marked for YA readers, it is entirely appropriate for MG as well and I recommend it for all adventure fans.

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About the Author

Shana grew up reading and writing short stories. Whenever it was her turn to read her creative writing in class, everyone knew she would read a story way beyond the required one to two-page maximum.

She met and married her husband and they have four boys. She put her dream of writing on hold while her sons were small but continued to study the art of writing and read as much as she was able.

Shana is a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy. She also enjoys delving into the world of dystopian novels. She finds the themes represented in these genres universal and inspiring to the human condition. She always roots for the underdog and understands that some stories may not end ideally, although she prefers a happy ending.

Several years ago, she had a dream about a boy and his discovery which inspired the story for her debut novel. Years would go by, but she said that the dream remained vivid and she remembered every detail as if she had just dreamt it the night before. (She will not share the details of the dream here – spoilers!)

She always wanted to be a writer and when the time came, she dove in and didn’t look back. She has plans for one more book in the Keepers of the Balance series and has a plethora (one of her favorite words) of ideas for other books in the future.

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Thank you for reading! I cannot wait until the third book is out so I can get my hands on it!

On next week's blog, we'll get another look Inside Trifecta. If you'd like to help select this week's characters, find me on Instagram or Facebook and be ready to vote on Tuesday.

See you soon.

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