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Book Review: The Lightning's Claim

Hello, all! I have a treat for my YA grimdark lovers this week, which is a book by an author I've recently had the chance to meet.

At the very beginning of the year, author Katherine D. Graham of the Vow that Twisted Fate (my review here) kindly invited me to one of her live events where she chats with different authors about their books and plans. I was part of the YA Dark Fantasy set which included the authors K.M. Fahy, Lily Rooke, and Montrez. We had a lovely half hour chat and if you'd like a chance to listen it's still posted on Kat's YouTube channel here.

I'm happy to say these amazing womens' works have found their way onto my shelves. The one I want to share with you today is The Lightning's Claim by K.M. Fahy.


About The Lightning's Claim

To walk outside is to dance with death—

...and Kitieri Manon knows all the steps: Don’t stand out. Don’t make friends. And, when the warnings start, run as fast as you can.

Every day is a fight for survival in a world terrorized by the deadly lightning they call the Blue Killer. The Churches call it divine punishment, but Kitieri has only ever known the good to suffer. It’s easy for the elites to preach, hoarding the life-saving cintra while the poor die in droves.

As the Strikes grow increasingly violent, Kitieri finds herself a walking target. She can smell the lightning coming before the warnings, can feel the malice in the air. The Blue Killer seeks her blood. It calls to her.

To answer that call, Kitieri will risk everything. Lives hang in the balance as she is swept into a network of deceit, corruption, and betrayal running deeper than she ever could have imagined. With blood on her hands and a target on her back, Kitieri must come to terms with who and what she is before she loses those she holds dear. If she cannot control the part of herself she hates the most, the lightning will claim more than just her life.

Step into this dark YA fantasy tale of betrayal, revenge, hope, and love today.

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My Review

The Lightning's Claim is a gorgeous work of dark fantasy. Kitieri lives in a harsh world where everyone is making sacrifices to survive. The trouble is that for the rich, the poor people themselves are suitable sacrifices.

I love the grit of Kitieri and the strong personalities of her younger siblings. The world is immersive and the story intense. I did not want to put this book down for a minute, and I finished it within a day. Each event leaves you needing to know what is going to happen next.

My only challenge with this book was the end - before the epliogue, so the last official chapter. This book was so incredibly messy in the best way. Unfortunately, for me, the ending felt far to neat, creating an unsettling juxtaposition to the rest of the story. Still, I am amazed at K.M.'s skill and I'm absolutely looking forward to a re-read ... and what K.M. brings us next!


About the Author

(Bio and photo collected from https://www.kmfahyauthor.com/ )

K. M. Fahy is a writer based in northern Colorado, where she is pursuing her Doctor of Arts at the University of Northern Colorado in clarinet performance.

When she's not lost in her own fantasy worlds, Fahy performs professionally, runs a private woodwind studio, and has had the honor of hanging multiple art shows featuring her original acrylic paintings.

Fahy grew up in the rolling hills of southern Illinois, running her horse through the deep woods and jumping every log, learning archery on her dad's recurve bow, and cultivating a love of adventure that would later find its way into the complex, unique worlds of her fantasy novels.

Now an avid backpacker in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Fahy draws inspiration from real-life experience to create deep and relatable characters through gripping storytelling.

Find K.M. Fahy at:

Website: https://www.kmfahyauthor.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kmfahyauthor

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/k.m.fahy_author/


A note from C.K. Sorens

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Happy reading!

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