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Book Review: The Goddess of Blood and Bone

Genre limits? What are those? Nattie Kate Mason is one of those authors who isn't afraid to jump around. She has published books in the childrens category, YA, and now, new adult romantic fantasy. Today I'm going to tell you about her newest dark adult novel, The Goddess of Blood and Bone.

This book released on August 18th and gained the #1 bestseller title on multiple lists! So congratulations to Nattie for all her amazing, hard work!


About the Book

With a heart as black as night, Nushka was born different to her kin.

Banished by the Gods to rule over a realm of the Afterlife rife with eternal pain, she bides her time… and makes the Pitts of Moor her very own.

In this dark place, free of morals and constraints, Agnes, a former princess, is delegated to Nushka's harem of handmaidens. Faced with the choice of fulfilling the Queen of Moor’s every sinful desire, or enduring an eternity of pain, she does what she must to survive.

Yearning for freedom, both wicked souls refuse to accept their dark fates… Together, they strike a bargain.

Unlikely allies, with a deadly army of monsters at their backs.

Should they succeed in their mission, unimaginable power will be theirs. Should they fail, a fate worse than death awaits.

Freefall into the twisted and sensual world of The Goddess of Blood and Bone, the first book in Nattie Kate Mason’s The Immortal Deities.


My Review

Nattie has created a colorful and rich world where villains ooze, debauchery is a common pastime, survival is worth any price, and vengeance is the greatest desire. Our antihero Agnes wants out of the Pitts and will challenge the Gods in order to do so. The Goddess of Blood and Bone, Nushka, despises her kindred and wants to enforce her own version of ruling on them all. Their scheme is simple, their motivations are solid, and their enemy is suspicious, but cocky of their own power.

This novel is dark and compelling. From the perspective of a villainous Goddess and a Soul who died attempting to kill her sister, there is little light in this book. Yet, the promise is there, and I am looking forward to seeing how the characters looking for it fare in future books.


About the Author

(Photo and Bio from Nattie's Amazon author page.)

Nattie Kate Mason is a #1 bestselling fantasy author from Australia. A proud mum and wife, Nattie also works as a nurse. Nature and reading help to inspire Nattie's creative writing side, so you will often find her reading a good book outdoors whilst enjoying endless amounts of tea. Mental health advocacy is important to Nattie and her YA books include a strong mental health awareness message. Nattie's debut Young Adult Fantasy trilogy - The Crowning, has been featured in Amazon bestseller Top 100 lists for 'Epic Fantasy' and 'Values and Virtues'. Her debut New Adult Mythology novel: The Goddess of Blood and Bone, which released in August, 2021, ranked #1 in multiple new release and bestseller categories on release day. Book 2 in her NA Mythology series The Immortal Deities, will release in 2022.

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