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Book Review: The Curse of the Crow

I can't believe the end of the month is almost here! It's been a whirlwind of a time for me and the family, and I'm happy to say we're a bit more settled and I'm able to bring you yet another fantastic indie author read!

The Curse of the Crow by Abbey Fox brings us a slow burn romance with a little steam. I had planned to spread this read out, but ended up flying through it in a day, and I'm excited to tell you a little about it.


About the Book


Nava Forrest stumbled upon her soulmate when she was young. A brief meeting with a hooded stranger forever bound her to a man she wanted nothing to do with. Her parents were also soulmates marrying despite her father not being a magic-wielder, their forbidden love forcing their family into hiding.

Now that they are gone, her life raising her younger brother and selling potions to wary townsfolk has been quiet… and magic-free. When the Society of Crows finds Nava, intent on enslaving her, it forces her to flee to the forest, searching for the one person she was told can protect her.

Arkimedes is certainly not what she expected, and her attraction to him is new and unnerving. As the chemistry between them grows, so does her power. With the Society closing in, it forces the two to create unexpected alliances, and work in their disagreements. One rejecting magic and the other a powerful, enigmatic fae, who has secrets of his own and is determined to change her mind.

Nava must decide if she is to follow her destiny, listen to her heart… or maybe they are the same. The Curse of the Crow is an enthralling Full-Length Fantasy Romance, that will transport you to a new world where Fairies and Sorcerers exist. and soulmates find each other against all odds. Adventure packed, featuring a deliciously angsty romance, steamy and filled with desire.

If you love stories with fae, sorcerers, strong female MC that has a bubbly personality, that hides deeper insecurities, and a brooding male hero that complements her. This is a store for you!


My Review

The Curse of the Crow is a book that tests the expectations of the main characters personally and against each other. Fated to be soul mates, these two met at far too young an age to understand what it meant. Taken from their home into an island city where magic was blocked, Nava developed a biased dislike toward magic, only seeing it as a harbinger of devastation. Arkimedes is forced to follow her due to the soul mate bond, but cannot enter the city because of his ties to magic. Neither wants their soul mate, but fate demands they be close, or die.

As they run from the Crows, a group who desires to collect and breed those with magic, Nava doesn't allow herself to see the signs of her soul mate even as she falls for him. Arkimedes knows of their connection and fights it at first, then isn't certain when to tell her because of her insistence she doesn't want her soul mate. When this point of conflict comes to a head, these two characters have one of the most realistic arguments I've read in fantasy romance, with both being wrong, and right, and too hurt to acknowledge the other. Yet.

The plot of this story is woven beautifully with the development of their relationship. I fully enjoyed watching them develop as they both navigated their personal and joint challenges. The world Abbey brings us is rich, and thick with the promise of more to come. I'm looking forward to the future of this series and what is in store.


About the Author

(Photo from Abbey's Amazon author page.)

Abbey Fox has always loved storytelling. Ever since she was little, she created characters for fun and got immersed in their life stories, worlds, and magic systems. This naturally progressed onto writing. Her first story being a cringy teenage highschool Romance, which she wrote at the age of thirteen in a notebook that was half falling apart by the time she wrote the end.

As time has gone by, she has dived into writing other genres, from YA Fantasy to Mystery Romance, Romantic Soap opera Sci-fi. Now she focuses on her love for Adult Fiction in the Fantasy Romance/ Paranormal Romance genres.

Her debut novel is coming out later this year. It is part of an enthralling series set in a magical world where soulmates are real and power corrupts the kingdoms.

When Abbey is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and her four-year-old son. She also enjoys tending to her indoor tropical jungle and painting fun characters with watercolors.

(Info from GoodReads)

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