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Book Review: The Curse of the Arcadian Stone Trilogy

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Did you enter? I hope so, and good luck! For now, let's turn our attention to a set that has been recently released in a hardcover format, following the paperback and ebook versions already available.

S.R. Breaker is an author I met through the box set we're both a part of, Realm of Darkness (which you can preorder for $0.99 here). She writes clean romance and YA fantasy. The Curse of the Arcadian Stone is her YA portal fantasy. Here's a little more about the three books.


About The Curse of the Arcadian Stone


There’s only so much for a bored three-thousand-year-old fairy to do in the forest.

A nameless fairy dubbed “Magenta” knows she only exists to serve a specific purpose. To guard the most powerful relic in the land of Arcadia. And for thousands of years, she's succeeded in fending off even the most dangerous of threats.

But when a rogue stranger from Earth offers her something much more precious in exchange for the relic, will she accede even if it risks her very existence?

Josh Richards is nothing if not resourceful. But it still took him nearly a year to find the one thing powerful enough to ensure his much overdue return to Earth. And if a little deception is all he requires to finally get his hands on it, how bad could the consequences really be?

The last thing Josh needs is a snarky forest fairy with a vendetta. So why can't he just seem to leave her behind?

Embark on a perilous quest through a mysterious, mystical land. A second-world classic fantasy adventure.


She literally had one job.

For over three thousand years, a nameless forest fairy dubbed "Magenta" has been duty-bound to protect the most powerful relic in the land of Arcadia.

But when the legendary relic falls into the hands of Josh Richards, a rogue stranger from Earth, there is no more hiding its immense power from all manner of potential threats.

And while possession of a mythical relic can indeed gain you allies, Josh and Magenta quickly learn that it can also make you enemies just as fast.

It’s a big, wide, dangerous world outside the forest.


An ancient legend shrouded in mystery and fates evermore intertwined…

For over three thousand years, a nameless forest fairy dubbed “Magenta” has been tasked to guard the most powerful relic in the land of Arcadia.

Or was she?

Grappling with the ambiguities of her own existence, Magenta resigns to help the rogue stranger Josh Richards return to Earth as the only way she ever hopes to restore herself and the legendary relic to their rightful places.

But if Magenta doesn’t even know who she is, how will she know her rightful place? Or perhaps more importantly, how will she know whom she can really trust?

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My Review

None of the books in The Curse of the Arcadian Stone are very long. In fact, a quick reader could easily make it through the entire set in a day. What is there, though, is highly entertaining. I enjoyed the back and forth between Magenta and Josh and the clear angst Magenta felt by finding herself suddenly reliant on another being. And not just any being, but a human!

The Stolen Oath provided a quick, if brief, view of the world that hooked me for the rest of the series. That said, in this book, it felt as if Sara was still getting a feel for her character's voices and Magenta in particular would pop out of character a few times. By the end of The Stolen Oath, I was left needing to know what happened next, and excited to move on to the second book.

In Broken Fate, we learn more about Magenta's world, and that she may be something far more than even she remembers. Josh proves he's more than simply resourceful as he works to save Magenta's life while putting off his own need to return home. In this book, there are fewer character view point slips, making for a smoother and quicker read that leads you smack into a cliffhanger - and eager to dive into book three.

Chosen Fate concludes the Nameless Fae trilogy. I was really surprised by the way Sara ended this series! I did not expect the way Magenta's path turned and I was very torn by Josh's. Thankfully in both cases, it seems that though this part of their adventure is over, Sara is promising more to come in the near future, books already on my TBR even though they're not yet available.


About the Author

S. R. Breaker (Sara Bellcamp) lives in New Zealand with her husband and two kids. She writes offbeat, easy reading young adult science fiction and fantasy books.

Suburban mum by day and author by night, she loves to live vicariously through her characters. They don’t have to vacuum all day long and are almost always guaranteed to survive any fantastical or thrilling incidents, no matter how treacherous she writes them.

She likes binge-watching TV shows and reading books that take her to far enough unknown worlds—but then still have enough time to wash the dishes after.

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Bookbub: Sara Breaker

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Instagram: sbreakerauthor


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