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Book Review: The Curse of a Kingdom

Abbey Fox has brought us the second book in her adult fantasy romance, The Wicked Kingdom trilogy. And did you know she illustrates her own covers! Gorgeous.

I reviewed The Curse of the Crow last year (read it here) and am so excited to tell you about The Curse of a Kingdom which just launched on March 22nd. I read both books in one day each thanks to an amazing pace and characters I did not want to give up on.


About the Book


When Arkimedes is kidnapped by The Dark Ones, Nava is forced to make a bargain with the devil. Sneaking into prison, she releases her archenemy Devon Black. Nava prays the life debt she places on Devon is enough to ensure his help.

Nothing is more shocking than when Nava finds her beloved again. Arkimedes has returned to his birthplace and has no memory of Nava and their lives together—or the past eleven years of his life.

Under the cover of a fake engagement, Nava must hide her soulmate bond, navigate the Copper Kingdom’s deadly court, and field off demon attacks in the nearby forest. Her plan is to trigger her soulmate’s memories and convince him to flee. But this new version of Arkimedes is cold, ruthless, and determined to solve the mystery of why he was abandoned as a child.

Yet the soulmate bond won’t be denied. Nava and Ark are drawn to each other, and her delicate web of secrets is threatening to unravel…


Reader advisory: This book contains mature themes and adult language. The Curse of a Kingdom is the second book of the Wicked Kingdom series. This book is part of an ongoing tale and some storylines don’t resolve at the end.

Nava and Arkimedes story will continue and wrap up in book 3.


My Review

Once again, Abbey Fox has written a book I devoured in a day. Though the amnesia trope is not my favorite (too painful) I enjoyed learning more about the world of The Wicked Kingdom series. I am so glad to have the second book in the series, and so sad book three isn't ready yet. I cannot wait to see how this story concludes and if our soulmates can survive not only the outer conflicts, but those within themselves as well.

Where book one starts us in Nava's world, book two drops us fully in Arkemedes world, where he has lost 11 years of his life and is searching for answers to his mother's death.

With their bond broken and their ability to protect the realm weakened, the demons are finding more ways in. Though Ari, the main Beekeeper does his best, he needs his counterpart Nava and their protector Arkemedes to be in full working order to be able to truly fight the beasts.

Yet another antagonist waits in the shadows, one possibly behind the scattered events that have torn our couple apart and encouraged the demons to attack.


About the Author

(Photo from Abbey's Amazon author page.)

Abbey Fox has always loved storytelling. Ever since she was little, she created characters for fun and got immersed in their life stories, worlds, and magic systems. This naturally progressed onto writing. Her first story being a cringy teenage highschool Romance, which she wrote at the age of thirteen in a notebook that was half falling apart by the time she wrote the end.

As time has gone by, she has dived into writing other genres, from YA Fantasy to Mystery Romance, Romantic Soap opera Sci-fi. Now she focuses on her love for Adult Fiction in the Fantasy Romance/ Paranormal Romance genres.

Her debut novel is coming out later this year. It is part of an enthralling series set in a magical world where soulmates are real and power corrupts the kingdoms.

When Abbey is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and her four-year-old son. She also enjoys tending to her indoor tropical jungle and painting fun characters with watercolors.

(Info from GoodReads)

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