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Book Review: The Archive

A few months ago I was lucky enough to receive an ARC copy of a book called Hollow Road by Dan Fitzgerald. It had been a while since I read some low fantasy and I looked forward to dipping my toes in.

I loved that book. So much so that when the tour for his second book came around, I signed up ASAP. And now, I'm happy to be part of this blog tour and for the chance to offer you an amazing giveaway.

Prize: One (1) of three (3) signed paperback bundles containing Hollow Road and The Archive + choice of art print, US/CA Only.

Start: 12/2 at 12:00am EST

Ends: 12/9 at 11:59pm EST

To enter, just make it to the end of the post and fill out the widget. Good luck!! And if you can't wait, Hollow Road is available now, and The Archive releases Friday, December 4, 2020!!!!! Happy shopping! (Links take you to the GoodReads page so you can chose your preferred seller.)


My Review

Hollow Road, book one of the trilogy, was good. The Archive made me cry. Twice. Where I had to put the book down to finish so I could see the words again.

The Archive picks up not long after Hollow Road ends. The humans and the Maer have discovered one another again after the Maer had fallen into human legend (Hollow Road). In The Archive, the Maer and their human allies hope to discover where the Maer ancestors burried their history before they went into hiding after a great conflict with the humans. They aren't certain of what they'll find, but they hope it will help the relations between the two peoples before a rival sect of Maer find it and use it for more war.

The tag line for this book is Love is love and death is forever. A battle approaches and emotions run high, entangling people in ways they might not have expected, and bringing forth the inevitable end for some. Hearts connect and others are broken, and the reader will mend and break right along with the characters in this story.

The fighting itself is saved for one big battle in this second installment, where Hollow Road was more balanced with action. Yet, The Archive brings us the different conflict of personal relationships and relationships of state that drive us emotionally toward the third book of the trilogy.

As the pacing of this book differed from the first, and it took me a moment to get into the grove of the story. Sexuality and relationships were explored in ways I didn't expect, but weren't unwelcome, and I enjoyed the diversity Dan brought to his pages. By the end, I was thoroughly destroyed and I absolutely cannot wait for the third book.

With all that said, this is 5/5 for me, because I truly enjoyed it, and I'm excited to recommend it to other lovers of fantasy reading.


Interested? Great! Here's your chance to win that prize I mentioned above. If, for any reason, the widget isn't working, you can try the direct link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/e832e98855/?

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