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Book Review: Halloway Hills Mysteries

I am so excited to share this trilogy with you. I was offered the chance to join the WOW! promotional tour for AJ Kormon. This Canadian author has put together a holiday mystery collection. I read these aloud to my kiddos, and though I was gifted the ebook version, my three boys asked if we could get them in print, too. So we did!


About the Books

Three short, page-turning mysteries for ages 9-11 featuring mischievous cats and their middle-grade owners.

In Hiding Out on Halloween, Avery Mcintosh borrows the Super Ultimate Minecraft Hacks book from the school library, much to the dismay of the school bully Becky. When Avery accidentally splashes Becky with an invisibility potion that he learned from the book, she not only disappears from Minecraft, but from the real world too.

Trying to ease his guilt about Becky’s disappearance, with the help of his friend Jordan and a black cat who appears to be stalking him, Avery sets out to find Becky.

In Creeping Up on Christmas, it’s time for the Halloway Hills Middle School Christmas fair and Violet Sidhu and her friends have planned to sell crocheted hats to raise money for charity. There’s just one problem—the hats are missing!

When Violet discovers what’s happened to her hats, thanks to the new guy at school, getting them back turns out to be harder than she thought.

In Veering Off on Valentine’s, Jordan Cartwright learns the meaning of true love . . . from her cat! After feeling rejected by her best friend Avery because of Valentine’s Day, Jordan wonders if she can still be friends with him.

As she tries to avoid Avery, Jordan witnesses some strange behaviour from her cat Blizzard. When Blizzard goes missing during a snowstorm, Jordan enlists Avery’s help to find him and learns an important lesson in the process.

Includes bonus cookie recipe and word search!


My Review

These books were really fun to read aloud. The pacing of the story and the engaging mystery in each kept my boys ages 6, 9, and 12 engaged and asking for another chapter. Yet these books are not simple in nature.

In Hiding Out on Halloween, we deal with the death of parents. In Creeping Up on Christmas, the challenges of loving and caring for someone with dementia. Veering Off on Valentines covers the age old theme of young heartbreak.

These themes are presented as quiet lessons, secondary to the mystery at hand, and handled with care and respect, making these books fun reads that can lead to important conversation.


About the Author

AJ Kormon started out writing books about money to help explain the concept to her kids. As her kids got older, they showed signs of not wanting to read, so she enlisted their help creating a series for resistant readers. This is how the Halloway Hills Middle School Mysteries were born. When AJ isn't writing and cartooning, you'll find her losing to her kids at Uno.

Purchase all three books for Kindle on Amazon.com and make sure to add these books to your GoodReads reading list.

Find A.J. Kormon at:

Website: www.ajkormon.com

BookBub: www.bookbub.com/profile/a-j-kormon

GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/20379395.A_J_Kormon

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ajkormon


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