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Book Review: Cupids and Chaos

As we head out of October, I have a YA romance for you that includes a demon - or, as they are known in this world, a Chaos. Cupids and Chaos is up for pre-order on Barnes & Noble as a hardcover, or at Amazon as an ebook, though the print option will be live everywhere on November 7th, in just two weeks!


About the Book


Desperate for a final taste of freedom before marrying the stranger chosen by his parents, brooding Pace, Second Prince of the Cupids, sneaks into the human world with his friends. When they encounter dangerous, dark beings that should not exist, he’s left with more questions than answers.

Escaping to the human world for a moment’s relief from her cruel and murderous family, Sirain, Crown Princess of the Chaos, is shocked when she and her fellow warriors run into Pace and his friends. Not only are Cupids real—they’re messing with Fate.

Since the dawn of time, Cupids and Chaos have faithfully delivered Fate’s orders to a warring human world. Sirain knows better than to get caught up with the mysterious Cupid who’s caught her eye. After all, he wants her dead. But sometimes Fate has plans of its own.


My Review

Pace and Sirain are not meant to be. In fact, they aren't even supposed to know the other even exists. Brought together by their questions about each other and the humans, they form a bond they could not have with anyone of their own kind. Both destined for roles meant to support the orders of Fate, their experiences together change them, and they begin to wonder how they can use their positions in order to unveil the truth of the Fates - and possibly change it.

This first book of The Hands of Fate is sweet, and heart-wrenching at the same time. Even as these two fall in love, they're constantly being torn apart. They want to chose each other, to burn it all down. But they are who they are, each with their own heavy baggage dragging them back. The book ends on a cliff hanger, a promise of a fight that built for the entire novel. I cannot wait to see how these two interact the next time they meet!


About the Author

(Bio and photo from GoodReads.)

Darby lives in the desert with her husband, two kids and rescue pup.

An avid reader and writer from an early age, she loves reading across a variety of genres. Some of her all time favourite books include the A Court of Thorns & Roses series by Sarah J Maas, Blood & Honor by Miranda Lyn, Divine Blood by Beck Michaels, Pandemonium by Willow Anderson, Wonder by R J Palacio, The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon, Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella.

Darby has released a YA sci-fi series (The Starlatten Trilogy) and an adult novella. Read the Starlatten Trilogy for free on Kindle Unlimited!

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Check out Darby's different contact points to see some gorgeous book art and character sketches. The cover spread alone ... Here, I'll just show you.

See?? I don't buy every ARC I read and review. I bought this one. I cannot wait to hold this gorgeous cover in my hand and read through Pace and Sirain's beginning all over again. I also have it under good authority that book two is already in the works!

A quick note: Afflicted, book two in the Trimarked Series street team sign ups are almost closed! I won't be accepting any more members after October 31st, so please let me know ASAP if you're interested!

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