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Book Review: Bewilderness by Kevin Cox

I have a book review for you by a debut author, Kevin Cox! He's tapped in to those colorful, classic adventures, while bringing in his own modern twist. Before we dig into my review, let's look at the book!


About the Book

When a sixteen-year-old wakes up in an unknown world and encounters dark forces that threaten the universe, only she can change its destiny.

Accessing portals to other realms, Ambrielle journeys across multiple worlds as she desperately tries to find her way home.

Sixteen-year-old Ambrielle has no memory of her life. In fact, she doesn’t even know if her name is Ambrielle, the name her new alien friend gave her when she woke up mysteriously stranded in a desolate world with no humans. As she slowly cobbles together bits and pieces of her life, Ambrielle tries to fit in with the many alien species she encounters and settle their divisive conflicts, all while avoiding the dark forces of The Shadows and trying to return to Earth.


My Review

Bewilderness is a book filled with modernized nostalgia. With elements of Alice and Wonderland and Narnia, I gathered quite a few Kingdom Hearts vibes along the way as well!

The beginning drops us into a colorful, though quiet landscape. Ambrielle has been trapped without memories on a desert world. Confused and without direction, Abriel is unwilling to stay that way and begins to explore. By accident, she discovers a portal that doesn't take her home, but now she has hope of finding it, or at least not being alone. As her memories of a past life trickle in, there's one warning that guides her path. Beware of the Hollow.

I'm loving the Alice in Wonderland meets Narnia as our main character explores different worlds and cultures, trying to fit in without giving up the sense of self she clings to as her memories return. As readers, we ease into Ambrielle's confusion and grow with her as she learns to navigate and then use the portals and the new friends she discovers along the way.

Though the plot waves more than arcs in this debut, the descriptions of the world and the lessons Ambrielle gains are true to any well developed adventure. I enjoyed tagging along with Ambrielle and felt as proud as she did with her personal growth.

This is a 3.5 star read for me, and I'm really looking forward to what comes next in the series!


About the Author

(Bio from Kevin's website. Photo from GoodReads.)

When author Kevin Cox decided for fun to write a single chapter a few years back, he ended up writing another and another until finally a novel was born. He was hooked and has been writing ever since, feeling as if it were something he should have been doing his whole life.

Inspiration for Kevin’s writing comes from the world around him – while driving, showering, reading, or listening to a conversation. He enjoys listening to music while he writes, playing songs whose tempo aligns with what he is writing at that time.

Kevin believes that a good story is made up of great characters – ones with struggles and motivations and overcome obstacles in their path. He hopes that his young adult readers find, when reading his books, that we are all going through struggles that perhaps aren’t visible to all. He hopes his stories inspire his readers to reach out to someone experiencing challenges and to also open up to others who will listen to their own troubles.

Kevin lives in southwest Georgia in a small town called Leesburg. When he isn’t writing thought-provoking science fiction fantasy stories for young adults, he enjoys playing guitar, video games, and traveling. Bewilderness is his debut novel, the first in a series.

You can also find Kevin at:






I love discovering new authors like Kevin, and I'm excited to see what he brings to Ambrielle's story as it continues! If you want to keep up as well, check out any of the links above.

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