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Abolition by Brandy Ange Book Review

Congratulation to Brandy Ange for publishing the third book in her The Kingdom Come series! Last week I introduced you to this series with some quick book reviews and this week I want to talk about the third book in the series. You can find it on her website and Amazon.


About Abolition:

The world is at war.

Panic and distrust are dissolving the world into smoke and rubble. As if the conflicts of men weren't destructive enough, their guardian angels, the Nephilim, are simultaneously straining to defend humanity from a spiritual onslaught of demons.

The Nephilim Council is perilously divided as its secrets continue to spill into the light, leaving the world more vulnerable than ever.

Lucifer, driven mad by despair and desperation, is reckless in his pursuit of Achaia, his last link to his beloved friend. Willing to shake the very foundations of the earth for access to her power, he will stop at nothing to claim her for his own.

When the darkest secret of all is revealed, shock and fear ripple through the Remnant. The faithful Nephilim scramble to unite as they struggle to fight a war on two fronts: not only against demons, but within their own race as well.

In this continuation of The Kingdom Come Series the stakes are higher than ever. Achaia must determine if she is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and suffer the consequences if she should wake a sleeping dragon.


My Review

This third book in the series looks at the power of choices. How no matter our intentions, our choices may lead to consequences we’re not prepared for - or that some things are simply out of our hands. Achaia has healed from her traumas and is ready to fight, returning to her friends as the Nephilim gather to do what they can to protect humanity from Luc’s devilish plans.

This book was a bit slower than the other two as it preps for the final installment of the story. This was still a great read and I found myself impressed with Brandy’s knowledge of Christian lore, once again weaving it beautifully into her urban fantasy setting. I did have a challenge at the end where the ‘big battle’ was constantly interrupted by smaller, though important scenes. It let me confused on what emotions I should hold on to, though it brought forward the chaos that happens when the waiting stops and everything happens at once.

As always, Brandy leaves us with a completed story and incentive to continue. The entire story is worth finishing, and that last scene in the epilogue (no spoilers) has be eagerly anticipating the moment book four hits the shelves.


About the Author

(Bio collected from her author website. Photo from Instagram)

Author Brandy Ange or as her friends like to call her, Bee, was raised on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, which wasn’t really anything like the Netflix show. She spent most of her childhood running rampant barefoot around the beach, building forts in the woods with her best friend Michael, and rescuing tadpoles. In second grade she fell in love with the Frog and Toad books, which sparked in her a love for reading, and of writing fan fiction. In middle school she moved up into the world of Harry Potter Fan Fiction. In high school when she took her first creative writing class, she dove into the world of original poetry and short stories.

Bee attended Johnson University in Knoxville TN, where she studied film, business, and Bible. During her time in the mountains, she challenged herself to try to write something longer than a short story, and began work on her first book; which quickly turned into The Kingdom Come Series. In 2017 she published her debut novel, Transgression, and has been working on building the KCS universe ever since.

Bee joined YouTube in 2021 to share her love of writing and reading with a community when she left her day job to write full time. Working from home or on the road is no sacrifice for this introvert, but she does love to interact with her readers and viewers as much as possible!

In the future Bee hopes to write many more books surrounding the beloved Kingdom Come Series cast. She also has some other series in mind for her YA readers. Non-fiction books have also become one of her passions, for a more working-adult audience. Exciting things are on the horizon for this island girl!

Find Brandy Ange at:

Website: https://brandyange.me/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vagabee

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vagabee/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheKingdomComeSeries/


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