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Her life is forbidden.


The realms of Terra, Heldu and Gypsum share the Earth. They’ve been separated by the gossamer power of the Veil for thousands of years, like words on either side of a page. Two decades ago, the Veil malfunctioned over the town of Trifecta. Fae and Witches living in the same space within their realms were forced from home and into the human realm. The Veil hardened, creating an impenetrable bubble around Trifecta where all three races found themselves trapped and forgotten.


At seventeen, Ember has always lived in Trifecta. Born of a human mother, Witch father and birthed on Fae soil, her existence is forbidden. All that keeps her safe is the Binding Ink tattoo the Fae gave her at birth to block her from potential powers. The Trimark.


Yet Ember’s power may be beyond containment. She has sway over the barrier, can even open a door for a brief time. Her systems of safety start to dissolve in a moment of self defense, when throwing out a human boy has consequences beyond the Fae.


And when someone carves their way through the barrier into their secluded town, events unfold that threaten her existence.
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