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Born of a human mother, Witch father and birthed on Fae soil, Ember’s existence is forbidden. All that keeps her safe is the Binding Ink tattoo the Fae gave her at birth to block any potential powers. The Trimark. Yet Ember’s power may be beyond containment. She has sway over the barrier, can even open a door for a brief time. Her systems of safety dissolve in a moment of self defense, when throwing out a human boy has consequences beyond the Fae.

Trimarked Series Book 1


Trimarked Series Book 2

Ember’s powers have changed over the last five weeks, presenting her with a dilemma. So far, Nicu kept her secret from the Fae, yet all her actions had been passive use of the power sparking inside her. With these changes, she would have the choice of conscious use. But would that be the line Nicu couldn’t cross? When the choice is to protect her friends or save herself, she may find out the answer.