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You can find the blurb for my book by clicking here.

Before you get to the sign up, please read through these important notes. To preview Trimarked, please sign up for my newsletter to receive the first 3 chapters of book one, along with an exclusive prequel chapter not published anywhere else.

Street Team Agreement


Street teams help authors get the word out about their books from posting on social media and blogging, and by posting the incredibly important reviews. Most booksellers require a minimum of 20-50 real reviews (not star ratings, but written reviews) before their algorithms begin to help with book promotion. These can be as long or short as you like, and always greatly appreciated!

There's no need to sign up for each book release. As long as you're on this mailing list, you will receive updates for all future books automatically, with the option to opt in or out of each campaign. There are 6 planned novels in the Trimarked series, including book one, which is already out. The rough plan is to have one book released per year, so please keep that in mind and remember you can request to leave the team for any reason.

Just as you are free to leave at any time, I reserve the right to remove you from the list on my own. Free materials are given with the expectation of participant reviews and/or other promotional activities. Where I won't request any materials to be returned, lack of participation may result in removal for the next campaign.

Communication will happen via email, so please make sure to check all your folders. If I decide to create a team page somewhere, such as Facebook, I will update via email. If you sign up, you'll receive an automated welcome email, and then possibly a second email if you require copies of the ebook(s). For future completed novels, you will receive a confirmation email making sure you're ready and available for the next book. If you are, ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) will be sent after.

All review copies of the series, including ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) will available via the link in generic .epub files. These can be read on most e-readers (Google Books, iBooks, etc.), but not Kindle.

If you are concerned about triggers, please see this link:  Trifecta Trigger Warnings. This link is also on the Trimarked: Where to Buy page on my website, and on the copyright page inside my books for anyone who would prefer to read it before reading my novel.

Please be sure follow me on Instagram. I'm also active on Facebook, and Twitter. Finding me on social media will allow you to tag me in your posts, which will help with any giveaways or swag pack mailings I have going occasionally. Feel free to send me a DM from your social media account(s) to let me know you've joined the team and give me a chance to follow you back.

If you would like some swag, which includes a bookmark, sticker, and temporary tattoo of the main character's own tattoo, please send me your address. I'll send it out as a thank you for your participation. This is open to all participants, including international members.

If you have specific questions, please email me at cksorens@gmail.com - subject line: Street Team Questions

Most important of all, if you need to back out at any time, for any reason, just let me know and I can remove you from the email group.

If the sign up box isn't working correctly and/or you're on a mobile device, you can sign up by clicking here after reading the Street Team Agreement above.